FREE EBOOK: The Yogic View of Consciousness


YVC preview-1What is the yogic view of consciousness? You can read my answer in this 370 page book on the PlaneTalk blog, or you can download it as a PDF and read it as a FREE EBOOK!


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are mysterious and cryptic. For millennia they have exerted hypnotic fascination on all whose minds they touch.  In The Yogic View of Consciousness, Don DeGracia unfolds the theory of consciousness enshrined in the obtuse aphorisms of the Yoga Sutras.  Yoga describes the mind as a multi-leveled system closed in on itself yet illuminated from within its innermost depth by a divine spark that gives life and consciousness to every individual.

Drawing on ideas Eastern and Western, ancient and modern, from Abhinavagupta to Leibniz, from Mahaprabhu to George Berkeley, from IK Taimni to Hermann Weyl, DeGracia weaves an intellectual tapestry from the Yoga Sutras that harmonizes science, philosophy, mathematics, religion, and mystical experience.  Compared to the grandeur of The Yogic View of Consciousness the hostilities of secular science and philosophy appear as little more than the psycho-babble of lunatics and an affront to the sublime majesty of existence.

You are invited to take the wild ride through the corridors of the mind to the very source of being revealed by The Yogic View of Consciousness.


AVAILABLE VERSIONS OF The Yogic View of Consciousness

[1] PDF file. This is the main version intended for wider distribution.

[2] The series of blog posts on PlaneTalk, which starts here.

[3] standard quality (SQ) version. $39.99. Lulu “standard format” color printing option is substantially cheaper than the high-quality color printing. This is a really nice version. It’s nice to hold and the color images come out surprisingly well.

[4] EPUB version. $8.99. For tablets, Kindles, etc.

[5] Hard Cover version. $79.99.  Hard cover, excellent color reproduction. Can you believe it’s less expensive than the high quality print version?

[6] high quality (HQ) version. $149.99. This is an expensive, high quality print option. The pictures are gorgeous though. Compared to my ~100 page books at $39.99, the pricing is proportional and reflects the fact that Yogic View of Consciousness is almost 400 pages.

[7] I just put this here because I’m superstitious and can’t stand a list of 6 things.


Please go to the list of my books on to purchase any of my books.



Donald J. DeGracia, Ph.D. is Professor of Physiology at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, USA. He has been engaged in the study and practice of altered states of consciousness for over 30 years.  He is the author of Beyond the Physical: A Synthesis of Science and Occultism , DO-OBE: How to have lucid dreams, astral projections and out-of-body experiences, What Is Science?, and Experience. All of his writings are available for free on the internet at his blog PlaneTalk, or at

5 thoughts on “FREE EBOOK: The Yogic View of Consciousness

  1. Kelly

    Thank you for the e-book. This is a great Christmas present for your regular readers. The yogic view of consciousness has been a regular weekly read for me since the first post.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you, Kelly. That is very kind of you. Yes, I thought it would be a nice Christmas present, at least for those of us who are interested in these thing. And speaking of which:

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Debra!

      Happy New Year! Thanks for the nice comment. Glad to hear you’re enjoying YVC! I’ve heard of Kastrup but don’t know anything about his ideas. Thanks for breathing a bit of life in the site! I’m writing a grant right now and won’t be posting anything until that is done.

      Best wishes!


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