FREE EBOOK: Patanjali’s Ten Types of Samadhi and More!


Samadhi FrontCover-1Samadhi is a compilation of my writings on the practical aspects of yoga.  The contents are culled from PlaneTalk, What is Science? and The Yogic View of Consciousness.  The purpose of this book is to bring my discussions of the practical side of yoga together into a single volume for the Reader’s convenience.


Samadhi is a compilation of the articles written by Donald J. DeGracia, Ph.D. about the practical aspects of yoga, including the mysterious technique of samadhi. Samadhi is the most important, but also the most obscure and cryptic technique in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Samadhi has no counterpart in our normal, everyday life. It is the most difficult of the yoga methods to perform. But mastery of samadhi promises possibilities far beyond the understanding of most people.

The articles in this volume discuss Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga methods, the ten types of samadhi, the role of sabda, jnana, and artha in meditation, the psychological “ingredients” that appear to underpin samadhi, and a possible how-to “recipe” for achieving samadhi.

Combining his extensive scientific knowledge with his experience of altered states of consciousness, DeGracia’s discussions go beyond mere intellectual speculation.  He offers fresh insights into the practical aspects of the advanced yogic methods and makes the clarion call for the modern world to rediscover the ancient mind-technology of samadhi.


[1] PDF file. This is the main version intended for wider distribution.

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[4] EPUB version. $8.99. For tablets, Kindles, etc.

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Donald J. DeGracia, Ph.D. is Professor of Physiology at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, USA. He has been engaged in the study and practice of altered states of consciousness for over 30 years.  He is the author of Beyond the Physical: A Synthesis of Science and Occultism , DO-OBE: How to have lucid dreams, astral projections and out-of-body experiences, What Is Science?, and Experience. All of his writings are available for free on the internet at his blog PlaneTalk, or at

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