Read PlaneTalk as an Ebook!


Col1314 frontRead PlaneTalk as an ebook! I’ve compiled all the PlaneTalk posts to date into this new book: PlaneTalk Collected Writings 2013-2014.  Everything is in chronological order and is easier to read than mucking around on the WordPress web site.


Fair warning is given to the materialists and physicalists who think we are nothing more than our brain and body.  DeGracia throws down the gauntlet and offers substantial challenges to such shallow and naive views in this provocative set of essays.

A variety of topics about this and the other worlds are covered here.  The Möbius geometry that lets us move among the planes is discussed, as are the ten types of samadhi described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.  Read about Wilder Penfield the dualist neurosurgeon, and what he says about where consciousness begins and ends in the brain.  A Toy Model of Epistemology is developed based on Chaitin’s ideas in algorithmic information theory.  Leibniz’ monads and Richard Feynman’s philosophies are discussed, and so much more.  There’s bound to be something here for everyone interested in the links between our physical and nonphysical existence.

All the posts are in chronological order to provide an easier reading experience.  In combination with my other free ebooks What Is Science? and Experience, the entire PlaneTalk blog is now available in an easier to read PDF format.  Download to your hard-drive and read PlaneTalk at your convenience.

AVAILABLE VERSIONS OF PlaneTalk Collected Writings 2013-2014

[1] book version. This version is for people who like to read real books. The physical book costs $39.99. The reason for the high price is the book is in color. I wanted to retain the ambiance provided by the colored images. It is an exact duplicate of the free PDF file.

[2] Epub version. Coming soon for $6.99.

[3] Free PDF ebook. This version costs nothing. The Please feel free to distribute this PDF far and wide on the internets.


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