Why is it so quiet here lately and NEW BOOK IDEA!


This is just a brief post to breath a small amount of life into PlaneTalk.

Things have been quiet here because, after writing Yogic View of Consciousness, I spent most of my current thinking and have been absorbing new and further information. So I’m naturally in a “cocoon phase” (for lack of a better term) as opposed to an expressive phase. In addition, my regular life as a scientist and professor has taken up a lot of my time too. I do have to do my job once in a while! LOL!

Just recently a new book idea dawned on me. I see the title and the cover already. The book will simply be called The Gunas. What is particularly ironic is I see the cover and title very clearly in my minds eye, but I have no idea what the content of the book will look like! Nonetheless, this is the very first step, and I am sure something is germinating in my subconscious mind and that is why I am imagining the cover and title.

As all three of my Readers know, I’ve followed up on how Taimni linked the gunas to the scientific concepts of motion, or more specifically, to the scientific notion of dynamical systems. This leads to the idea expressed in Yogic View of Consciousness that the world is not made out of stuff, it is made out of movements. Everything that appears to be a thing is actually made of many different types of nested movements. As far as we know scientifically, there is no “thing” at the bottom of it all. Although there is now the concept of a quantum, as in a quantum of momentum, a quantum of light, a quantum of energy, etc. It’s elusive if one can consider a quantum to be a thing because the notion is always used in a dynamical context. At any rate, I am digressing, but you can get some sense of the issues involved.

Depending on the rate that things well up out of the deeper layers of the cave of my consciousness, I’ll be posting new material related to the idea of Gunas, dynamical systems, and what this says about the Manifested world we seem to inhabit.

So…that’s it for the moment. I mainly just wanted to post this so people know that blog is not dead, not by any means.


17 thoughts on “Why is it so quiet here lately and NEW BOOK IDEA!

      • PeterJ

        Hi Don. Just wanted to register for the visitor count to make up the numbers. Sounds like you’ll be exploring the Abhidhamma literature and why dhamma are called ‘thing-events’. I haven’t given any thought to how the gunas relate to modern physics so will be interested in what you have to say.

  1. So happy to read your new posts soon! It’s interesting to experiment intuition in a conscious way, isn’t it?! Writing seems to be a creative way to communicate with our soul in first place and with others afterwards. Thank you for sharing so important work.

    • Thank you for the very kind remarks. Yes, I agree. Writing is an amazing thing. We totally take it for granted. But only we humans can do it. It is an extremely spiritual aspect of our minds.

  2. Chuck

    Don. Just visiting here after talking with you on the Skepiko forums a couple of years back. I bought and read the Taimni book then. I’m so psyched to see that you wrote YVC. I can’t wait to dig into it later today. Really excited. Hope all is well.


    • Hi Chuck!
      Great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I’ll be excited to hear your impressions of YVC. Please feel free to let loose! Also, feel free to spread YVC far and wide. Best wishes, Don

  3. Hey Don! Maybe I’m your fourth reader, lol? you probably are up to at least 10 by now.

    I have been cocooning as well. I do pop over here every six months or so in the hopes that you’ll have posted something. Your books and your willingness to share them with others have deeply impressed me. OBE is truly remarkable and I so appreciate you for sharing your experiences with others in all of your writings.

    Glad to hear that something is stirring. May the gunas be with you, and so with us!

  4. AS

    I’m reading too, Dr. Degracia! My husband and I have been following your work for several years now (intermittently when we have time). We were both med students taught by you at WSU SOM. After one of your neurology lectures, my then-boyfriend (now hubby) had a fascinating conversation with you about the nature of consciousness. At that time, I was going through a staunch materialist/atheist phase but your writings were among the influences that brought me back to reason. You have a brilliant way of connecting and explaining difficult concepts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

    — A and S

    • Hi A & S!

      So nice to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by and giving a comment! You know, I think I recall the talk you mention, after class and in the Orange Auditorium! We talked for almost another hour if I remember correctly! Congrats on your marriage! And presumably you are practicing now, or at least getting near the end of residency? Feel free to drop me an email if you want to chat more! Also, am glad to hear you’re expanding your idea of “rational”. A materialistic/atheistic view is one step along the long road to figuring out just what the hell is going on here. But there are steps beyond, many, many steps. The Truth truly is stranger than fiction! Thank you also for the kind comments about my material. I am very happy you have been able to use it in your own growth. Again, get in touch by email if you want to chat more! All my best, Don.

  5. Wow. what an amazing find. Searched for Yogic science and physics and landed here. Such a treasure. Can’t wait to dive into this.

    Aside from mastering Hatha Yoga, and now diving into Raja Yoga, my specialty is how Sanskrit Bhasha enhances the Yogic experience. I apply all of that to a term I have coined called “Yogic Indology” – the study of the Indic/Hindu civilization from the perspective of Yoga. The objective is to restore Dharma for the finest of human achievements back into society, creating a divine experience on Earth while we reach for the Stars.

    Truly pranaams for your seminal contributions to this area. As AI makes machines super-smart us humans will have to engage with Yogic Sciences to stay sane & relevant.

    • Hi

      Thank you for the nice comments, they are much appreciated. It sounds like you have some good amount of experience with yoga. Please feel free to comment as you see fit on my writings here. My background is in neuroscience so I am not so enthralled by AI because brains are much superior. Nonetheless, I agree 100% that more people have to engage with yoga so the world can stay sane. Although you’ll see in my writing that I am pragmatic about these kinds of issues. Again, thank you so much for commenting and I look forward to your further thoughts. -Don

  6. kevin

    Hi Don, I don’t usually post stuff on the internet but I am a long time meditator and have read a number of your books/writings. Actually I just want to express my appreciation to you for taking the time to put into the public domain some really well thought out and written commentaries on the evolution of consciousness. The importance of this understanding reaching more people can not overstated.Kevin

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