Why is it so quiet here lately and NEW BOOK IDEA!


This is just a brief post to breath a small amount of life into PlaneTalk.

Things have been quiet here because, after writing Yogic View of Consciousness, I spent most of my current thinking and have been absorbing new and further information. So I’m naturally in a “cocoon phase” (for lack of a better term) as opposed to an expressive phase. In addition, my regular life as a scientist and professor has taken up a lot of my time too. I do have to do my job once in a while! LOL!

Just recently a new book idea dawned on me. I see the title and the cover already. The book will simply be called The Gunas. What is particularly ironic is I see the cover and title very clearly in my minds eye, but I have no idea what the content of the book will look like! Nonetheless, this is the very first step, and I am sure something is germinating in my subconscious mind and that is why I am imagining the cover and title.

As all three of my Readers know, I’ve followed up on how Taimni linked the gunas to the scientific concepts of motion, or more specifically, to the scientific notion of dynamical systems. This leads to the idea expressed in Yogic View of Consciousness that the world is not made out of stuff, it is made out of movements. Everything that appears to be a thing is actually made of many different types of nested movements. As far as we know scientifically, there is no “thing” at the bottom of it all. Although there is now the concept of a quantum, as in a quantum of momentum, a quantum of light, a quantum of energy, etc. It’s elusive if one can consider a quantum to be a thing because the notion is always used in a dynamical context. At any rate, I am digressing, but you can get some sense of the issues involved.

Depending on the rate that things well up out of the deeper layers of the cave of my consciousness, I’ll be posting new material related to the idea of Gunas, dynamical systems, and what this says about the Manifested world we seem to inhabit.

So…that’s it for the moment. I mainly just wanted to post this so people know that blog is not dead, not by any means.



5 thoughts on “Why is it so quiet here lately and NEW BOOK IDEA!

  1. So happy to read your new posts soon! It’s interesting to experiment intuition in a conscious way, isn’t it?! Writing seems to be a creative way to communicate with our soul in first place and with others afterwards. Thank you for sharing so important work.

    • Thank you for the very kind remarks. Yes, I agree. Writing is an amazing thing. We totally take it for granted. But only we humans can do it. It is an extremely spiritual aspect of our minds.

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