Yoga Grows on You



I’m sitting here listening to Cat Stevens. It makes me reflect on how ubiquitous the insights of yoga have become in my thinking.

So yes, the answer lies within
So why not take a look now
Kick out the Devil Sin
Pick up pick up the good book now

As we all know, Mr. Cat converted to Islam. I’ve not followed him since, or know if he had anything to say about why his conversion. But you can hear it coming in his songs. I used the word in Yogic View of Consciousness: world weary. Mr. Cat discovered yama and niyama on his own, and in his own way.

It’s interesting he was getting warm, but didn’t really go all the way. The lines above reflect it. “The answer lies within”. Correct. But then…”pick up the good book now”. But, as says one of my favorite Swami Krishnananda quotes:

“The condition of our being is the knowledge that is really worthwhile, and any other knowledge is an external growth which can be washed away by a bath with soap; therefore, it will not help us.”

No books. Sorry. Look within. “The only way out is in”. I look at the world in front of me and know it comes from the center of my being, which is the center of your being, of their being. The center, where there is true peace. Everything else is like clouds passing by overhead. Like a morning fog, to be lifted by the morning sun. Everyone so preoccupied with the world that pulls them in with its magnetic attractions, its allures, generating desires, keeping the whole merry-go-round spinning.

It is a weird feeling. Letting go. Not really caring anymore about the passing clouds. Recognizing it as passing clouds. Vairagya. There is, of course, still duty. But now it is like a mechanical thing. Action causing reaction. Let go. Just do what is required. It becomes obvious what to do.

There is a constant sense of amazement at the World. God truly is great. Is this the basis for ananda? Always in a constant state of amazement at what is? I don’t know. They seem like they might be related. When being is pure and clear, there is awe, amazement. A state of almost stunned silence at the miraculousness of it all.

The insights of yoga grow in the mind, almost like a weed, and infest it completely. All other ideas crumble and are strangled by them. Because all other ideas become transparent. You see right through them and see them for exactly what they are: stuff moving. That’s all, just movement. Vrittis. Ringing, ringing, ringing. Everything becomes very homogeneous. There is the light of our awareness, and the stuff moving in it. The light projecting up from the center. Swirling itself into itself onto itself within itself. The World. A giant infinite mirror that is all things to all people. No. All things to all beings. “People” is way too limited a concept now. There is being. An infinite diamond. Which has no outside. There is only an inside. That is the weirdest thing to get used to. And each point of being is its center. It seems to have infinite centers, but it doesn’t really. There is only one center. But yet, it is like an infinite diamond. Strange. Very abstract. No one ever promised us it would not be abstract.

All of everything becomes the same thing. Like watching the waves crashing at the beach: each crash draws a new pattern in the sand while erasing the old one. A perfect metaphor for the World.

There is nowhere to turn and run. No book. No belief. No place to go. No thing to do. The world is a fun house of mirrors and you can only get lost in the reflections.

The only thing that works is stopping. Let awareness recede to the center of the cyclone, where there is just peace. And infinite possibilities. A million impossible contradictions. The unimaginable.

Think about it: try to imagine the unimaginable. That is one of my favorite lines.

This is too: when you don’t know what your missing, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Thanks for checking out this stream of consciousness jam. I just felt like posting something. It’s been a while. I’ll be back soon with something more structured. Or I won’t. Time will tell.

8 thoughts on “Yoga Grows on You

  1. Prasad

    Om dram dattatreyaya namah. !!!
    Nicely written yes all the answers are inside but at the same time he is omnipresent so the answers that turn you inside come from outside

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