We’re Fed Up of Being Whacked Left, Right and Center


TricksterThis is a short post to offer up an interesting and fun video by Jay Lakhani that reinforces the stuff I wrote about in Experience.  The video is called Maya and Quantum, and talks about God spanking us…

As Readers of What is Science? know, I cited Jay Lakhani in that book.  Jay is a prolific, dynamic, and really interesting speaker.  I feel a real sense of kinship with him because  he also is involved with linking scientific and yogic/Hindu ideas together.  In a lot of ways he is far in advance of me and I always learn something new listening to him.

I am posting this particular video because it says the same thing I say in Experience, only more concisely, and with more flair and humor than I muster in Experience. Please…Enjoy!

For those interested in seeing more, Jay’s video’s are posted on the Hindu Academy Youtube channel.



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