A few links about Penfield


links-1 Since reading The Mystery of the Mind by Wilder Penfield, I have begun to look for additional information to see where this work has gone since 1976.  In this short post, I provide a few links to interesting additional information.

1.  This is Chapter 5 of The Mysterious Matter of Mind by Arthur Custance.  Custance is a Christian science writer, and because of this, he is sympathetic to Penfield’s dualistic conclusion. This chapter has many examples of what patients reported when Penfield stimulated their brains.

2. Consciousness is Not a Computation by Nova Spivack. Mr. Spivack discusses consciousness as being a process beyond computation.  There is no references to Penfield here, but a number of interesting ideas as to why consciousness is beyond the grasp of science.

3. The Mystery of Consciousness.  A respectable summary of approaches to the mind-body problem written by a devout Hari Krishna!

4. William H. Calvin and George A. Ojemann’s book Conversations with Neil’s Brain. Not a pretty web site, but it has the whole book and explains in story-form about electrical stimulation of a patient’s brain.

5. Brain Anatomy and the Theory of Consciousness by Jack Turner, MD.  Perhaps my favorite.  This is from Robert Bruce’s web site.  As you may or may not know, Robert was, along with me, one of the first people to release a free book on the internet teaching how to OBE/astral projection/lucid dream back in the early 1990s.  This is a cool article by a real neurosurgeon that explains the basics of brain anatomy, spends some time discussing Penfield, and then seeks to reconcile Penfield’s dualistic approach with classical occult teachings of the Planes of Nature. My favorite of the bunch. (Disclaimer: I’m not advocating buying Robert’s stuff).

So again, this is all provided by way of “Additional Information” to my Penfield posts.  Hopefully some of you will find it interesting.  Happy Reading and see you next time with some more original writings.


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