Interview on Alex Tsakiris’ Skeptiko Podcast



Host Alex Tsakiris of interviews me about What is Science?  Click image above or click here to go to the interview.

For those who do not know, Alex Tsakiris has been running a really interesting podcast on all matters related to science and spirituality at his Skeptiko web site.

s logoI only learned of Alex’s work when I was invited to be on his show. On Skeptiko, Alex interviews a variety of authors that are either pro or con on things related to paranormal phenomenon, consciousness studies, pseudo science and the like.  Before we talked, I listened to several of his podcasts and was delighted (and relieved!) to hear his open-minded approach to these topics.  A good introduction to his point of view is his episode 229. The 5 Things You Need to Know About Skeptiko.

Many of the interviews are quite revealing and Alex has a great “BS” detector.  He has conducted an extremely impressive list of interviews including such notables as Susan Blackmore, Pat Churchland, John Searle, Rubert Sheldrake, Dan Radin, Christof Koch and many others.  It is embarrassing for me to be in such company. My interview is clunky as I have never done this kind of thing before.  But Alex was a real pro and he did a great job with the interview, which can be found here.  In fact, if you listen you’ll hear that the interview transforms over the first several minutes from being an interview into just a conversation between us, a sincere conversation between two people with deep interest in common issues.  It was very cool and I think we both walked away learning new things.

I strongly recommend you check out Alex’s important work.


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