The Story Has No Ending: A Message to the Patriot Movement

This wonderful picture from fallen-eye captures perfectly the spirit of the post

This wonderful picture from fallen-eye captures perfectly the spirit of the post

Today’s post is about this world more so than the other worlds. The internet has given rise to a new breed of patriot and this post is a message and a warning to them.

Like many people, I no longer at all trust the corporate-controlled media who are now so transparently a propaganda arm for the existing power structures.  Therefore, like many people, I follow the Alternative Media, which has many elements associated with (but not always) the Patriot Movement.  Alternative media sites I frequent include No-Agenda with Curry and Dvorak, Alex Jones’, and Webster Tarpley’s site, among many others.

There is no question that this rapidly growing, internet-based, relatively independent media is a healthy phenomenon.  A healthy “market place of ideas” should resemble a cacophony of conflicting opinions: that leads to growth.  When all the voices are droning the same message in lockstep, as with the corporate-whore media, it is a sign of decay and stagnation.

Now, today’s post is not to put words in anybody’s mouth.  It is intended to counter the Hollywood-induced misconception that stories have happy endings.  Or more broadly, I wish to counter the more general misconception that the stories of real human events resolve themselves.  Story resolution is a characteristic of human fiction, not a characteristic of human events or human history.

I recently read a book by I.K. Taimni that had a wonderful passage that paints a more accurate picture of human events.  This passage is from his wonderful little book “An Introduction To Hindu Symbolism”.   In the context of the book, Taimni is explaining the general role of Divas (gods – small “g” because it’s not referring to the big “G” God) and Daityas (devils) in Hindu myths.  In his explanation, Taimni provides a wonderful exposition of the see-saw of human events.

Part of my intent posting this quote is to counter Hollywood fantasies.  But the other part is to put this out there for those who would be sucked into the Patriot Movement, expecting the proverbial Happy Ending by, once and for all, defeating Tyranny and allowing Liberty to bloom on the face of the planet.  As you will see, Taimni’s message is both more realistic and more practically optimistic.  I think it is a smarter framework, as opposed to being led by nebulous emotions hoping for the ever-elusive Happy Ending.  I will let the quote speak from here out:

“[There is] the presence in manifestation of two opposite forces which by their interaction (co-operation and conflict) help in bringing into manifestation what is unmanifest. Evolution is generally the result of the interaction of opposite forces. The necessity of two opposing forces in the evolutionary scheme is due to the fact that it is only in this way that a balance can be maintained in a dynamic world. A single force can maintain equilibrium only in a static world. Evolution is a dynamic process requiring constant adjustment of all kinds of forces and thus requires two opposing forces in every field of activity. These forces push each other, now to one side then to another, constantly arriving at new and temporary equilibriums at different points [Interesting…sounds like Chaos theory to me – Don].”

“…In Hindu mythology…The Devas and the Daityas represent respectively forces which are in harmony with the Divine Will and thus help evolution directly and those which are against the Divine Will for the time being and thus help evolution indirectly. We may conceive of their respective functions as analogous to the propelling force and the force of resistance both of which are needed for motion. A vehicle moves on a road not only because there is a force propelling it but also because there is the resistance of the road. An aeroplane driven by a propeller can move only because of the resistance of the air.”

“The modern world provides many striking examples of the acceleration of human progress sometimes by the co-operation and at other times by the antagonism between the two opposite camps into which humanity seems to be inevitably divided. Nothing has helped the progress of modern Science so much as the competition and conflict between the two opposing blocks in which the modern world is divided (e.g. capitalism and communism of the Cold War with the Soviet Union – Don]. The motive is the domination and if possible the destruction of the opposite block, but all the same this has helped evolution as co- operative effort has not been able to do so far. Let us hope a period of cooperative effort will follow the present one of dangerous competition.”

“…the presence of two opposing forces in the world is not accidental but a necessary feature of the evolutionary scheme…sometimes one side gains ascendency and sometimes the other. The idea that the so-called evil or the forces which oppose the Divine Will in evolution will ultimately be completely eliminated leaving the field for ever to those which co-operate with that Will does not appear to be tenable. Good and Evil, the Devas and the Daityas and all such opposing forces appear to be permanent features of the Divine Plan.”

“It is only for a time that the good can remain in the ascendant and dominate the evil. Being only relative good it is liable to corruption and this corruption brings into existence an opposing force which destroys the corrupt forms and establishes a new order, generally with an interim ascendency of the opposing and sometimes cruel and evil force.”

“This see-saw movement of opposing forces seems to be inherent in the natural processes and is an aspect of that eternal rhythm which brings about the rise and fall of civilizations, the growth and decay of world movements and the ascendency and decline of ideologies. Nothing is and can be permanent in the realm of space and time. All is change, accompanied by ebb and flow. To us certain things may appear to be permanent and we may strive for aims with a view to bring about permanent states but this is only because our span of life is so short, our vision is so myopic and our mind is so limited. We might as well try to make the oceans stop the ebb and flow of tides.”

“This does not mean that we should not try to change conditions which we consider undesirable and should allow evil to have its way. It does not mean that nations will always be at war with one another and humanity will always be in danger of being destroyed in an atomic war. Opposition and competition can be of many kinds and at many levels and is quite compatible with behaviour which is at least civilized if not also human and brotherly. The existence of this law of ebb and flow in human affairs only means that we should adopt a dynamic and flexible attitude towards conditions prevailing around us and not hope to achieve a victory for our cause once for all and then live in peace forever. The conflict between good and evil, between right and wrong, between freedom and slavery, between exploitation and justice, between love and hate is to be taken as eternal for all practical purposes and we have to be eternally vigilant.”


3 thoughts on “The Story Has No Ending: A Message to the Patriot Movement

    • Hi Daniela! So nice of you to pop by!! 🙂

      I am reading the The Study and Practice of Yoga by Swami Krishnananda (, and he says something that perfectly address this:

      “The system of yoga is a method of establishing unity with the atmosphere around, harmony with all things with which one is apparently connected – even invisibly, remotely…

      This force or system of harmony operates everywhere in nature, outside as well as inside. And if we go deep into it, we will find it is this principle of harmony that works as gravitation in the external physical world, as chemical affinity among the elements of matter, as that which brings into unity the various thoughts of the mind and makes us feel that we are compact individuals…

      This principle that is before us is not merely as an abstract legal formula…but [is] the very system and order of things in which we also find ourselves, with which we are inseparably connected…

      …by the various modulations of adjustment and readjustment, by inclusion and exclusion at various stages, the intention behind it is to bring about a complete inclusion of all factors…”

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