The return of PlaneTalk!



Hello Everyone!

For this inaugural blog entry, I’ll explain the purpose and nature of the PlaneTalk blog and introduce myself.

The short version is: I will discuss, from many different angles, the idea that the world we perceive with our senses is not the only world that exists. There are other “worlds”, “dimensions”, or “planes of nature” hidden within and behind the physical world we perceive with our senses.

To some this is not a new idea.  Others have never heard this before.  My posts will cover the whole spectrum: sometimes explaining things from scratch, other times having advanced discussions on specialized issues of relevance.  In all cases, my intent is to be straight-forward, honest, and easy to understand when I talk about different aspects of the Planes of Nature.  Hence the name of the blog:


A brief bit about me.  Back in 1994, before the internet existed in the public sphere (and was only something university professors used), in a galaxy far, far away, on a long dead internet service called CompuServe, I gave a class on how to have experiences that have been variously called “astral projections”, “out-of-body experiences” or “lucid dreams”, depending on one’s explicit or implicit metaphysical orientation.  The result of this class was a book called DO_OBE, which I released for free into the internet-wilds as soon as the public internet came into being. DO_OBE has been steadily popular on the internet over the years and is still available at my web site:

Shortly after releasing DO_OBE, I was invited by Charles Goodin, a fellow traveler of the mind’s inner planes, to write a column on his now defunct web-site.  This was the original PlaneTalk and I wrote 4 columns in 1996-97 (available now at  There was another entry in the print-on-demand version of DO_OBE, from November 2006.  Since then…nothing…until now.  This blog is the reincarnation of the old PlaneTalk columns in a modern blog format.

Who am I and why am I talking about this stuff?  I’m a physiology professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. I’m kind of a brain scientist.  I say “kind of” because  my mainstream research studies the brain after it has been injured by stroke (lately I’ve branched into the nonlinear dynamics of general cell injury). Technically that makes me a brain pathology scientist.  Nevertheless, I stay up with neuroscience developments, since they provide the background for my stroke research.

In addition, as documented in DO_OBE and my other writings, starting in 1987, I began to experience astral projections/OBEs/lucid dreams.  I’ve had around 200 of these over the years.  This has led me to, avocationally, study altered states of consciousness, a term made popular by Charles Tart. I consider this my “non-mainstream” scientific work and have written many pieces over the years, all of which can be found on my Collected Writings web site at 

So, I am a type of brain scientist, and I have experienced altered states of consciousness.  THAT is why I am writing a blog about the other worlds of consciousness. I will post here on a semi-regular basis, when there is something useful to say.

To conclude, I hope Readers find the reincarnated PlaneTalk interesting.  I invite comments and feedback and will try to be as responsive as my time allows.  I do not shy from controversy. In fact, I relish it.  So my posts here will not be trite or genteel.  They, hopefully, will be provocative, innovative, and perhaps sometimes inflammatory (but in a constructive way!).

So please get ready for a wild ride through the mental plane as we canvass its many mind-scapes.  I learned long ago that the realms of the mind that make sense are a very small subset of the whole realm of the mind.  This greater realm of mind that doesn’t make sense, yet encompasses the much smaller portion that does, I call “The Realm of No Definitions” and is something I hope to expose here.

Thanks for looking.  Please feel free to leave comments or email through this blog or through my email addresses at

See you in the blogosphere!



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